Chloe Sugar


I've always been extremely interested in fashion but as high school went on, I was taught that my dreams could only be confined by the boundaries of a conformist education. At first I couldn’t complain at all, I loved it. I fell hard for the knowledge of history and for that I couldn't be completely against our educational system. All I can say I was lucky enough to have such amazing teachers and guides as I did

Having the passion I do for history, lead me to amazing opportunities. From traveling North America to Europe, seeing things I only thought were possible in text books... It was these experiences that brought me to the mourning of further knowledge and post travel depression. Of course I missed the art you could experience from walking the streets of Berlin and the smiles you'd receive back from those in Sienna. Things I didn’t see here on the outside were possible everywhere in my travels.

I knew I couldn’t leave Toronto just yet, of course my excursions expanded but home would still be home and it forced me to see beauty from a step beyond that typical white and black box.


I realized that fulfilling my once passionate dreams of law and politics would only bring me so much joy, and then came art. I began to see my quality of my life improve, while my eyes began to catch things they didn't  before. I became passionate about changing the world through creativity rather then the subjections of our already broken down society.


I realized that fashion was my calling and decided to take a year off from school to expand my horizons in the industry while combining it with art and history. 


Someone once asked me where I'd hope to be in 15 years from now, the only logical answer I could think of was to be happy. Don't let anyone else define the boundaries of your dreams.

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* see Chloe's effortless style and hard work in publications including Elle Canada, The Kit, Fave Magazine and on-air with CHCH morning live.