A couple of weeks ago, I was on my break during Black Friday. What else was I going to do other than rampage through the mall to find myself a decent pair of shoes. With maybe 10 minutes to spare I was running around only to find the most amazing Jeffery Campbell loafers. And when I say amazing, I mean 8 hours, full day of work floating on the clouds, amazing. Im a shoe girl, its awful and I love it. But cmon, they were a great price, practical, WATER PROOF......... I couldn't say no. So I took them home and wore them everywhere......... still do.

There was something about the box that kept calling my name, it's art work intrigued me. I studied it, tried to find its imperfections, the little things that added to its beauty

Although, It was really when I opened the box, that made my jaw hit the ground. I lifted out all the paper and tissue to find a note. It read, "Hey there, I am Chloe"... A letter from a girl in New Zealand.


As she shared her love for art, fashion, music and animals, the similarities I found between this Chloe I was reading about and myself were almost in sync. She went on about her love for drawing, what inspired her and why she drew what she did . It automatically fuelled  my love to create art. Since reading about Chloe's success of her passions,  my mind has continued to race with ideas and I could not be more blessed with the experience Jeffery Campbell offered me. What they have created for their clients it more than a shopping experience, it's a way to fuel inspiration world wide. 


I hope as I continue to draw, paint and expand my visions of creating art I will be able to share with my readers the same inspiration Chloe shared with me. 


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