A Spoonful of Double Tee's

We've been getting super busy over here at Double Tee's. I know it's been a couple days since we've last posted but our team has exciting things coming your way...

As I mentioned in our t-shirt launch. Getting the first order in wasn't easy. Being a start-up business I can say, you run into lots of ups and downs. Things that work better than expected and things that fail miserably. You learn how to play the game.


I guess I first learned this through my politics class. It's strange how something so enlightening could also be so destructive. 

My class, wasn't a class. You asked the teacher for help and he'd tell you to go figure it out for yourself. Someone stole something important to your country. Go figure it out on your own.

The best part of it was, if we all worked together and gained a certain average on our test, we would all get extra marks. But again, much like life... that wasn't always important to everyone. So after this crazy ass experience. Playing Putin, while also being Russian (way to get my blood going). It actually led me to learning a few things.

While lots of you are in school, looking to become an entrepreneur or simply have an idea on the side... Go for it. I've had a lot of people tell me I would fail and so far I'd say were kicking ass. Something about being young and ambitious... it frightens people.


It definitely freaks people out when you tell them you own a company at 18. People assume you'll act your age over your intelligence and it's up to you to show them otherwise.

Throughout our business ventures, being a start-up leaves you with lots of room for creativity. People will either use this to their advantage or take it from you. 

Good thing for us, they don't know who they're messing with at Double Tee's.

Whenever you're left with a bad taste in your mouth my best advice is to simply realize what you DON'T want for your own company. I have had some interesting experiences with my t-shirt printing services, mistakes on their end, delayed services and more importantly a lack of respect. 

Never got that valium either! (SHAME)

It's important to remember no one's responsible for your business other than you. No matter who's at fault. You're the one taking control of this baby (my wee lil Double Tee's baby) 

Guido Di Salle

Sticks&Stones Agency //

A Spoonful of Chloe Sugar 

I mean, cmon. We're the next generation. If we can't be a little crazy what will ever change around here. 

And speaking of crazy, ya'll gotta check out STICKS&STONES/AGENCY , a bomb ass blog with talent that far exceeds average.

If anyone's our role model for individuality, its them.

Plus, there might be a slight chance Double Tee's has sneaked their way onto a page with the help of photographer Guido Di Salle. 

And of course, a spoonful of sugar.

Until Next Time,

Double Tee's.