I couldn't be more thankful for the people I have met through Double Tee's adventures. To be honest, I'm normally very critical of our city (Toronto). Having travelled Europe, sometimes I feel lost in a concrete jungle. Making it much more important for me to find like minded people. And trust me, I haven't found many. 

Being raised by a single parent, I was lucky enough to get the support I needed from one parent to fulfill my dreams. My mom would tell me repeatedly,"You can do whatever you put your mind to". And so I went into life doing exactly what she taught me. 

After a year of being sick, letting go of unhealthy relationships, all I wanted was to be happy. I didn't have much money, the other half of my family had put me down left right and centre, and I decided to create Double Tee's as my outlet..When my company picked up, I no longer needed emotional support or even a shit load of cash to feel stable (though it would've be nice). The knowledge of my own happiness was enough.

I was meeting people who had their own struggles, people who went through much worse than anything I had... and those experiences are exactly what brought them to their success. What's cool is theres no limit on how you can make connections. I found one of my favourite artists and new friend, Rachel Enoka on instagram.... 

Going through her own ups and downs, Rachel was lead to creating JETSTONEMILK, her own company  (which is rad ass fuck btw). 

Sharing her experiences, achievements and passions, check out Rachel's story below alongside her wicked cool artwork:


" It was all really quite unexpected. I never considered perusing a creative career. Growing up i was always the hyper ‘backwards cap and board shorts’ tomboy, fascinated by sports and the human body. I assumed fitness and nutrition was my calling stone. 

…Unfortunately I would come to find it was healing as much of it was deceptive.. . 



Growing up I witnessed a lot of self destructive behaviour and toxic relationships. As much as it was sickening and aggravating to watch, it also fuelled my desire to help and nourish the minds and bodies of others. I think when you see the people you love most in that much pain, you want so badly to have the ability to fix it.


As those dreaded high school years played out, the pressure of figuring ‘life itself’ out and my desire of fitting in had me in frenzy of overwhelmed emotions. Forced to juggle that on top of home life, I was led to some pretty self destructive behaviour of my own. I lost myself entirely in the process, the drive and passion I had for health and fitness dissolved just as my love for life had become very unfamiliar. 

…Still though at this point I had believed health and fitness was my only path to a successful career.

As high school ended, four years onwards a lot had happened. I moved out of home, came out as gay to my friends and family, lost and gained important relationships, battled and overcame issues stemmed from a highly negative self image, all while rediscovering who I was as independent woman. 


Still uncertain about the direction I was heading in life, something about health and fitness wasn't sitting right. ‘What the fuck am I doing!?!’ was like a looped mantra I just couldn't seem to shake off. I mean I had the knowledge and ability to see it through and become successful in it, but I lacked the drive. I still wanted to help others, but out of my own respect, i knew I’d have to put myself first and then could i have the ability and understanding to help others. So after countless cries of confusion and frustration unto my god sent humanoid of a sister, i was forced to make a decision.



Coming out on top of life's struggles, I knew happiness would be my main priority in moving forward. That whatever I choose to do would only reflect a life of passion, lots of love, laughter and fulfilment. After all there was no way I was going to carry on a life where I lacked drive and felt as if my place on this earth was less valid than anyone else's.

So as i was saying.. very unexpected turn of events… JetstoneMilk was in its not so mere moments of conception… 

Funny how while all this was going on, in the background my love for the arts and the freedom that came with creativity, had proved to be relishing something unexpectedly beautiful. Drawing had been a new found outlet of mine where I was able to create without constraints (which felt so damn good for me because I undeniably have a rather whacked imagination of which had no previous outlet except for the frequent rage sessions I’d take out at the gym….notice how i say all this so shamelessly now too…my freak flag is well and truly raised without a care…sorry, not sorry!). 

So there I was, faced with the question. ‘do I continue to pursue this path reinforced by society as 'realistic', or do i take the risk, do what I love, and find absolute fulfilment and raw passion in the midst of it?...As much as it was pretty fucking daunting, the answer was also a real fucking no brainer. So I decided fuck it! This is the life i want and this is where I start living… And so JetstoneMilk was born!

  - Jet stone/crystal power- manifests or evokes inner will and desire.

  - Milk- derived from a source.

  - + creative freedom

….Have you JetstoneMilk -evokes holistic creative will and desire.



I aim to lead by example that should you find yourself lost at any point in your life, despite this societal constructed ‘ideal’ timeline of achievements we should supposedly have things worked out by, always have trust your intuition will lead you to your true path. 

  “Direction is far more important than speed. Many are going no where fast!”

It’s all an attitude and the life you reflect will always be a direct result of your thoughts and beliefs. 

Live this life for you and do it shamelessly. People will surprise you!

- Rachel Enoka 


After reading the bio Rachel sent me, I was more than surprised... Unlike myself, I wasn't used to others opening up to mere strangers. Especially for Double Tee's. All I could do was thank her and hope to keep in touch.

Rachel and I decided to collaborate JetStoneMilk and Double Tee's as I'm sure you noticed in some of her drawings above. Here's the one'e that were especially close to my heart and Double Tee's. (Aside from the weed smoker up there....)


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Until Next Time,

Double Tee's