Adventure Island

Summer is finally here and ready to stay!

I remember when I was a kid I enjoyed Toronto so much more... Checking out cool places like the AGO, Canada's Wonderland and the ROM. I was literally obsessed with dinosaurs, walking around at age 4 telling people I wanted to be a palaeontologist.... Yeah. 

Usually for Victoria Day weekend I was at the Toronto Islands. I didn't even remember how nice it was until this past week. 

Being a part of the creative direction team over at InkBox, a photoshoot has been in the works for a couple weeks now. Obviously our first thought was a day in the sun... While finding a nice "beach" in Toronto wasn't the easiest thing to find... we settled for Centre Island. At least I thought we settled for it. 

I had the chance to go check out the island a couple days before our shoot with Jeff Isy. One of my new favourite photographers and friends. It was cold... and when I mean cold. I mean really fucking cold. Aside from the fact you can tell I'm nippy in half my photos I was pleasantly surprised by the scenery. 

Take a peak at the island and my adventures with Jeff Isy below:


I actually bought this vest a couple of years back in Boston. That's probably when LF became one of my favourite stores to shop at. Aside from the fact that it's a small chain (which I love), a lot of their items are one of a kind. The only downside, they are not in Canada!! Another reason why I want to get out of here.... 

So anytime you find yourself in Cali or Boca, make your way over. Half of my vintage graphics are from them... totally rad and totally original! 


Ok I was absolutely freezing in these shots. Although it wasn't the comfiest shoot... It was well worth it. I was more than surprised with this cute little nook. The perfect background for any indie/ boho feel. 


Incase you haven't figured it out already... I'm an overall junkie. Other than the fact that they're acid wash, I can wear these babies all year round!!! I haven't been able to kick some serious old school vibes lately.... So these will have to do.

Can't wait to share my upcoming photoshoot with InkBox Tattoo's & Robert MacNeil.... 

Until Next Time,

Double Tee's



Blue Shorts: American Apparel 

Crop Top: Mendocino 

White Shorts: Citizens of Humanity

Overals: American Apparel