Tight Spaces & Cool Creations

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to shoot with Jesse Herzog. Aside from the fact that he didn't tell me I'd have to jump a fence and climb through broken windows to get on set... It was pretty dope. 

Plus I scored a work out!!!

Not that I've been to the gym in about a year.... or ever. But you workout junkies can give me shit later.

If you haven't figured it out... I seriously can't kick these vintage vibes..... Rummaging through my mine and my mom's closet... finding bellbottoms, rounded sunglasses and destroyed denim. It was sweeeeeet success.

Take a look at us getting down and dirty in the abandoned Linseed Building:

Lately I've been rocking these sunglasses day and night. Even as an accessory! I picked them up at a small sun glass hut in Kensington! 4$ for 2 pairs.... Id say it's a pretty awesome deal.

*Which by the way are hosting an art fair this weekend!

Little not so secret of mine... I love graffiti, if I could run around Toronto being a famous graffiti artist, I probably would.

I first found my appreciation for it while traveling through Germany. Mid stealing a piece of the Berlin Wall, I had a mere second to enjoy it... No but seriously, the messages in art speak much louder than any political movement of that time could. 

As Jesse brought me to this abandoned building, I wasn't expecting to feel as comfortable as I did. The further we explored the premises, the further it became an expression of art. I began to see a different insight into Toronto's culture. That or it was just a great place to do crack...

 I even came across Toronto's well known LoveBot, I'm sure you've seen his work throughout the city.... that while lighting a smoke bomb off a roof that read "FUCK THE POLICE"!

It was a pretty good time. 

Double Tee's and our main squeeze, InkBox have a sweet surprise for you real soon! More details to come :)


Until Next Time,

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