How To Prepare For A Tropical Getaway

Preparing for your vacation will hopefully be the most stressful part of your trip.


After entering a fun getaway contest on what I'd bring to Jamaica, I realized bringing a swimsuit and passport may not be ideal. 

Don't be like me, be better.. because things tend to go wrong around you. Prepare with confidence and follow these tips on vacay beauty, what to bring and more importantly what not to.


Planning for a getaway can be stressful, even just for a few days… Your trip already took a hit to your bank account but you didn’t put into consideration the prep cost. Remind yourself everything is A’Ok. You booked this trip for a reason, to relax… so don’t be stressed before you even get there. Prioritize what’s most important to you and break it down from there. There’s always more money to make, so enjoy your time and try not to be so stingy… you only live one life, so enjoy your vacation with ease. 




You’re going to the beach and majority of your clothing is none-existent… so looking good and feeling smooth is a priority to you. I mean babe, it's not the seventies anymore.

As crazy as it is, waxing takes weeks of planning.

Depending on how fast your hair grows and if you’re a frequent waxer, results will vary. I recommend waxing 2 days before your trip to ensure a long-lasting tan and that you're prepared for any spray tanning coming you're way.

I had the opportunity to stop by my new favourite spa - CHI for my waxing services. Read all about my FIRST wax experience here

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Be sure to complete all waxing or shaving 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. Honey, no one wants to see orange dots all over your legs. 

I had to opportunity to have my spray done by Ashley at Glow Beauty Bar and I definitely got the glow I was looking for. Using Sjolie, an organ vegan spray base, you can achieve the perfect base tan before your trip… this was actually my first spray (Im so white, I always figured i’d look stupid.) but Ashley reassured me it’d be a light natural finish… and it definitely was. 

* A good spray tan should last about 5-10 days. To ensure a long lasting colour try to minimize exfoliation and limit the amount of shaving after you spray. 

* Be sure to moisturize regularly for an even fade and consider investing in a self tanner for quick touch ups.

Don't avoid your pasty white legs on vacay, get your natural glow with Glow Beauty Bar today!



I’d like to say this is one of the most important aspects of getting ready for a trip… but that’s just because I’m a nail fiend.

I tend to get a little crazy and go with gel because it lasts through just about anything. That being said there are many other long lasting options like shellac. Don’t forget your toes too!

*Be sure to do your nails 24 hours prior to your spray tan.

Everyone tends to ask me about my nails, I've been on a 6 month streak of chrome and I'm not ready to call it quits. I stop by the Luxe Nail Bar at Leslie & Sheppard. They take great care of my nails and know exactly how to give me the colour I want. 

When doing chrome, start with a black under layer UNLESS you're doing silver to achieve the perfect mirrored finish. 



Packing should be relatively easy, especially if you aren't a blogger. Majority of your clothes should be light, flowy and 90% bathing suits.

-The first thing you should put away to pack is any medication, girly products for emergencies, your wallet and don't forget your passport!

- Be sure to bring a warm outfit just incase (sun stroke can have you shivering all night, trust me).

- Shoes are super important, I totally forgot how shitty flip flops are on your feet… so be sure to bring runners and a pair of sandals (not thongs) to avoid blistering.

- A bathing suit for every occasion (from snorkelling to a sexy photoshoot on the beach) 

- Don't forget sunnies and a hat (this saved me from burning big time), that and sunscreen/ maybe even some aloe (throw it in your mini fridge as soon as you arrive for added TLC) 



Ive been stuck in so many god AWFUL situations while travelling and I’m still here to tell the tales. 

Whether your phone gets stolen on the plane (true story) or held at gunpoint running through the border (Literally just read about my NYFW fail). But just know that as much as your parents have taught you to trust no one… people can surprise you. Use this to your advantage, trust your gut instincts and know when to ask for help or when to just walk away…  you’ll more often than not be right on track. 

Be sure to pack: extra cash (I also like to get prepaid visa cards), a print out of your health card, address of where you're staying and any phone numbers you may need, bandaids, portable charger and your acceptance that things may go wrong.

While the “getting ready” process can be long, tedious and slightly invasive… we’re sure that if you follow these tips, you’ll be good to go and anxiety free for your trip. 

Until Next Time

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