florals and lace and everything that's nice


This past weekend I spent a beautiful day with a beautiful girl. Hearing that my favourite floral shop was teaming up with Fort Night Lingerie. I automatically thought girls day out with Mama Shugs!

We had a great time rummaging through cute undies and skivvies. I've been in desperation for a new bra lately... Not that I even want one, but when I got sick and lost all my weight, I didn't even need one. I had nipples as tits for gods sake. 


But now that things are looking up and a tad more nippy, I figured it was time. Back in jail my little girls went. At least I could settle for a cute pair of high waisted undies and a lace bralette. 

After looking through Fort Night's studio sale, Crown Flora was holding one of their own ... And I think I was more excited about the plants than the clothes. 

Me and my mom were able to make the most beautiful terrarium. For those who don't know what a terrarium is, think an air aquarium for plants.... 

Don't worry, I'll show you. 



Take a look at how we got to make ours below for only 25 bucks. All materials included!


Pick your plant

Choose your gravel 

And decorate!

Voila, you got an easy to care for terrarium plant :) I'm hoping to get 2 more to hang at different levels. Stop by Crown Flora to get one of your own! 

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Double Tee's 


BOMBER JACKET // SANCUARY  (can be found @ Lou Lou's Boutique)

Adventure Island

Summer is finally here and ready to stay!

I remember when I was a kid I enjoyed Toronto so much more... Checking out cool places like the AGO, Canada's Wonderland and the ROM. I was literally obsessed with dinosaurs, walking around at age 4 telling people I wanted to be a palaeontologist.... Yeah. 

Usually for Victoria Day weekend I was at the Toronto Islands. I didn't even remember how nice it was until this past week. 

Being a part of the creative direction team over at InkBox, a photoshoot has been in the works for a couple weeks now. Obviously our first thought was a day in the sun... While finding a nice "beach" in Toronto wasn't the easiest thing to find... we settled for Centre Island. At least I thought we settled for it. 

I had the chance to go check out the island a couple days before our shoot with Jeff Isy. One of my new favourite photographers and friends. It was cold... and when I mean cold. I mean really fucking cold. Aside from the fact you can tell I'm nippy in half my photos I was pleasantly surprised by the scenery. 

Take a peak at the island and my adventures with Jeff Isy below:


I actually bought this vest a couple of years back in Boston. That's probably when LF became one of my favourite stores to shop at. Aside from the fact that it's a small chain (which I love), a lot of their items are one of a kind. The only downside, they are not in Canada!! Another reason why I want to get out of here.... 

So anytime you find yourself in Cali or Boca, make your way over. Half of my vintage graphics are from them... totally rad and totally original! 


Ok I was absolutely freezing in these shots. Although it wasn't the comfiest shoot... It was well worth it. I was more than surprised with this cute little nook. The perfect background for any indie/ boho feel. 


Incase you haven't figured it out already... I'm an overall junkie. Other than the fact that they're acid wash, I can wear these babies all year round!!! I haven't been able to kick some serious old school vibes lately.... So these will have to do.

Can't wait to share my upcoming photoshoot with InkBox Tattoo's & Robert MacNeil.... 

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Double Tee's



Blue Shorts: American Apparel 

Crop Top: Mendocino 

White Shorts: Citizens of Humanity

Overals: American Apparel

Touristy in Toronto

If you haven't figured it out already, we never pass up a cool ass tee..

This week Double Tee's received one of our favourite new t-shirt's from 6ixSide Clothing.

What's even better is their apparel line is based out of the 6, repping the 6! Only launching in 2014, they have hundreds of designs featured on hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants and more. Expanding their market throughout Canada and the US, help share the Toronto culture by taking a peak at their site, here

Plus you score 20% off your next purchase with every sale!!!


Check out Double Tee's unboxing review below:


After receiving an awesome ass tee, I thought what better of an opportunity to show you some of my favourite's.

I normally don't take more than 20 minutes to get ready. Throw on one of my favourite t-shirts, jeans, some rocking heels.

I actually found this tshirt laying around the men's section of Urban Outfitters. I normally won't even go into the women side.... MENS shirts are the way to go. And it's always cheaper.

I also do this at Zara*

A good friend of mine found this shirt for me. Not exactly sure what made them think of me.... 

but, it's definitely DOPE!

Summer's coming boys, get your tee's out and eyes open.

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Double Tee's.


On The Go, With Jessica Go.


Jess Go is definitely one of the cooler chicks I've met in this strange ass city. 

I can't think of a better way to put it, but she's fucking rad... and filled with some intense talent. It was by chance I stumbled into Jessica's studio. Hearing music blasting from the streets of Queen West to the flashing art hanging on walls. There was no way I was just going to walk by.

No no!

As soon as I walked in, my heart felt heavy and eyes wandered the room.. Creativity was everywhere...  Her studio was a beautiful mess, colours and paint dripping down walls ,There's even art on the ceiling to look at!!

For an artist who wasn't accepted into York University for landscape painting, this studio is a bright reminder there's no straight path to success.

Featuring the 95 piece collection entitled "Saturday Morning" // full rights reserved to interspace.

For an artist who wasn't accepted into York U for landscape painting, this studio is a bright reminder there's no straight path to success.

Jessica Go is truly a breath of fresh air. In an industry that can be taken way too seriously.. Take a peak at our slightly tweaked interview with the artist herself!


Photo's by Emilio Pasani 

Artwork by Jessica Go


The only boundaries in art, are the one's you create yourself. 

As Jess would say, Rock On....

Until Next Time,

Double Tee's

FiHair The Salon - Out With the Old

Ok, so I did something a little crazy. Not sure how you're all gonna feel about this one but lets just say.... the locks are gone.

Yup you heard me, I cut my hair.

To be completely honest, I've already fallen in love with it. I needed a change, something a little more chic. New Year, New Me, right?....yuck


Recently I have had a lot of readers ask me where I get my hair done and this would be where all the magic happens

FiHair, The Salon. 

I have been going to FiHair for a couple years now and only have good things to say. Aside from a fresh atmosphere and talented hair dressers, they always know when to leave a little room for fun. Anthony Leoni, my stylist and long time family friend always does wonders when it comes to cutting my hair. 

Being a family business for over 40 years the creative and well educated team established as Leoni's hair designs. Since then they have merged with FiHair and have gained incredible growth and success in the styling industry.


style:  Anna Jackawska 

photo: Natasha Reddy


sneak peak of the fresh cut and Lamania's New Year's eve post.

Check out FiHair @ http://www.fihairthesalon.com to book an appointment 

Follow FiHair on Facebook

Comment and click that like button if you're a fan of the cut... Debating on a new colour???

If you want more styling tips or want to know the products I use, ask in the comments. 


Until next time, 


Shopping Mania



Anyone else desperately looking for new places to shop? Or is that just me?

I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I am slowly growing into my own person or I simply can't justify spending a fortune on pieces all my friends will own in a week.... but seriously over the whole brand name, mall shopping ordeal. 

I am beyond excited to introduce to you guys Lamania. An Elegant yet chic boutique located in the fast paced streets of Toronto. Anna Jackowska , the owner wished to bring slice of European style to the Toronto Market.

 The quaint decor quickly resembles a Parisian boutique, carrying one of a kind pieces for the working woman, Anna found most of these unique brands while living in Europe.  

Carrying styles ranging from comfort to class, you are bound to find clothes for any occasion. 

When I first found Lamania, I couldn't shake myself of the name. Something about it reminded me nothing more of a 'shopping mania'.... What more would a girl want? I couldn't help but to check it out for myself. Since then Lamania has become home to my internship and one of  my favourite places to shop.


Saturday, November 8th, Lamania featured their pieces in the National Women's show, certainly stealing the Runway.

Models: Nikolina Granic, Madeleine Heaven, Quinn Bui, Trida Simone and Chloe Sugar were styled to perfection by the one and only Anna Jackowska. Take a sneak peak at what Lamania has in store for the festive holiday seasons.  



Lamania is excited to announce their upcoming part in a pre-holiday event 'Wrap Yourself in Style'. Be sure to enjoy a night of fabulous fashion and treats at the SIP WINE BAR. you won't want to miss Lamania's holiday style. 


November 18th - SIP WINE BAR


t's contest time at Lamania! Like their page on Facebook or follow and retweet any Twitter post's for your chance to win these beautiful gold plated earrings straight from England!

contest ends november 30th

Looking for new inspiration? be sure to visit  Lamania for a european styled shopping experience.  From service to quality you will be nothing but impressed.