Hate Us Cause You Ain't Us

Don’t you just love getting the unexpected notification that someone’s just shit all over your Instagram account?

It doesn’t matter how nice, talented or helpful you may be. Haters are gonna hate and it just so happens to get the best of us. 

{Recently} I got one of those notifications, showing me the nasty array of comments left on my page.

I did what any other woman would; Snapped a pic, deleted the comments and immediately sent them to my bestie. My mother always said laughter was the best medicine and in this case, she was right.

Rather than engaging in negativity and jumping on the social bandwagon, giving your tormentor nothing to react on, will definitely get their panties in a knot.. And if you're still planning to plot their death... well, keep it between the girls. 

I always feel bad for a bully... like wtf happened to you that you think you can treat someone like that. Anyone willing to blatantly put another human being down on social media is looking for two things, attention and self reward. You can't take a bully's attack seriously, they are simply redirecting their own insecurities onto you and that's definitely not your problem. 

So before you lose any more sleep over your haters, take some of my advice: Ignore them. The world is full of opposing opinions and it’s time to use them to your advantage.

For all you ladies feeling the hate, 

Talked about by the bitchy girls at school, 

Teased by the f*ck boys

And banned from the cool table.

Keep it up, you’re on the path to individuality! Anyone with the time to hate you, clearly has the time to care about you too. 

* stay tuned for our interview with model, @lexiwood on her experiences with online hate.

Until Next Time,

Double Tee's