Blue Boy


This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with Duncan Thorn, a creative photographer based out of Toronto. Lately I have been going for more of a relaxed chic style. I'm not sure if it's the cold but I'm seriously lacking some motivation. So I thought this was the perfect, pick me up look. Aside from the illuminating colour of this jacket, I love the old fashioned look it gives off. Funny enough, the model who show cased it with Lamania at the National Women's Show, Madeleine Fay Heaven, was at the shoot as well. We run into each other more than you'd think at work. It's definitely nice to see familiar faces that brighten up the mood and setting of a shoot. It's interesting to see how connections made through the Double Tee's adventure are beginning to show purpose.

*Be sure to check out some of her work on Facebook. 

Finding a shirt to go with a blazer is always fun, you have the ability to create so many different feels for whatever look you're going for. I love how all the colours tied together with this shirt, it created an edgy vibe and about 3 weeks after I bought it someone finally asked me what it said...


First off,  it gave me the pleasure of having to explain that I'm not a lesbian (not that it'd be bad or anything...)

and second... my unicorn brings all the girls to the yard.... oh hell no!

Lesson learned. Read your shirts before you buy them to avoid people questioning your sexuality...

But in all seriousness, I really did love the comfort chic feel to this look. Although I put this outfit together with a relaxed tee, you could always dress it up with a slim pair of trousers or a funky button down.


Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new pieces together. Some of your best outfits will come together with items you never expected to work. It was really my lip colour and shoes that completed this look for me. 

A little trick of mine is to try my shoes on before I decide if I like an outfit or not. Sometime you just need a little umph to get the style you're looking for.  


photography by Duncan Thorn

makeup by Cassie Bragg


Creativity is intelligence having fun, be smart with your pieces and shop well.

*take a look at how Lamania styled this jacket in Double Tee's Shopping Mania post.

Until next time,