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 Happy Holidays Boys,

You really didn't think I was going to forget all about Christmas, now did you?

Well it's better late than never and over here at Double Tee's, we do Christmas a little different. Being Jewish and all, (the most non-conventional of them, I must add.), I was always given the choice to celebrate if I wanted.  But c'mon, if you are going to compare a joyful old man who leaves presents under a tree to some dreidels. Prepare to loose quickly. I have always loved the idea of Christmas... decorating, giving gifts, seeing the genuine smiles of your loved ones. It's really something beautiful.

As I grew older, being an only child, I always wished I had a big family to come together with.. still not complaining about the attention I got from my mom.....  interesting family dynamics was just something I had the pleasure of being born into.


This time of year I would normally be in Florida, where most of my family is. Although I didn't have the ability to make it there this year, I couldn't be more happy to spend it with my mom or best friend, (which ever you'd like to call it), eating some nice ass Chinese food. God, this could be a Seinfeld episode....

Double Tee's would love to know what our readers are up too for the holidays and more importantly what are you wearing???


OK OK, now that I have bored you all with my mushy Christmas post, can we talk clothes?

I teamed up with Lamania on this holiday outfit.. the minute I walked into work one day I snatched up this Eiffel Tower sweater as soon as I could get my hands on it. The detailed beading, first of all had my jaw on the ground, but secondly, I go nuts for a little quilted Chanel look.


 I paired it with these great trousers, the radiating blue that comes off of them can brighten up any day. Hoping to bring some life back into the streets of Toronto, it was really the accessories that made this outfit. Other than almost freezing without them, I couldn't help but fall in love with the warm, cozy feel that came with these pieces. Nothing adds more of a 'euro-chic' feel like a little fur and glitter. 


photos by : Natasha Reddy

If you fell in love with these pieces as much as I did get your butts over to Lamania before they sell out. While receiving new accessories weekly, don't miss their Christmas Paris Collection. 

Click here to see Lamania's Christmas in Paris post.

Not having everything allows one to set standards on what their future holidays will look like.

Wishing you a very safe and happy holidays in which ever way you decide to spend them.

From your family at Double Tee's