Dream On...

Well, shits officially hit the fan and we're only on day 17. I think I give up on the whole waiting for a fresh new year to happen. When stuff is good, I'm just gonna cherish the fuck out of it. We really are the authors of our own life and when things get hard, there isn't much to do, but tough it out. Whether you're in a good or not so good place, remember what it feels like to be truly happy and put it out there in the universe. That's really all we can hope for. Dream on but don't imagine they'll all come true, right? 


Wherever you are in your life, whether it be at your best or worst, we all have our struggles and it's how we deal with them that really matters.

Double Tee's is one of the best things I have done for myself. It's something that's all mine... no one helped, no one told me the "how to's". All of that was taken care of because it's something I wanted so goodly (yup, you heard me... so goodly. My mom always told me, "Chloe, I use to say I wanted to marry your dad SOO badly, and look how that turned out.... so bad").

Even though I've had a number of obstacles to overcome, I couldn't be happier to know my risk taking paid off.


And on that note, let's talk fashion.

I am more than excited for all the little projects Double Tee's has coming on the way. A couple of weeks ago the talented Anthony Cohen and I did a shoot on the versatility that comes with accessories.

I get bored way too fast, and since I don't have money falling out of my ass to buy everything I want, learning to be strategic in my styling has become quite helpful.


Altering the feel of your outfit can be quite easy if you know how to play with what you've got. This is one of my favourite accessories to add to a look. The beautiful colours and patterns of the scarf almost instantly highlight the darker pieces. This scarf has acted as a shawl, a cape, and even helped me pull of the iconic Grace Kelly look.


My favourite look of them all would have to be the head wrap. There are so many different ways you can style it..... I simply twist and pin as shown above or by adding knots to the top (giving it much more of a relaxed look). 


There is so much fun you can have with creating outfits while changing the simplest of things. It's kind of like life, why wait for what you don't have, when you're dream is now.

Until next time,



A couple of weeks ago, I was on my break during Black Friday. What else was I going to do other than rampage through the mall to find myself a decent pair of shoes. With maybe 10 minutes to spare I was running around only to find the most amazing Jeffery Campbell loafers. And when I say amazing, I mean 8 hours, full day of work floating on the clouds, amazing. Im a shoe girl, its awful and I love it. But cmon, they were a great price, practical, WATER PROOF......... I couldn't say no. So I took them home and wore them everywhere......... still do.

There was something about the box that kept calling my name, it's art work intrigued me. I studied it, tried to find its imperfections, the little things that added to its beauty

Although, It was really when I opened the box, that made my jaw hit the ground. I lifted out all the paper and tissue to find a note. It read, "Hey there, I am Chloe"... A letter from a girl in New Zealand.


As she shared her love for art, fashion, music and animals, the similarities I found between this Chloe I was reading about and myself were almost in sync. She went on about her love for drawing, what inspired her and why she drew what she did . It automatically fuelled  my love to create art. Since reading about Chloe's success of her passions,  my mind has continued to race with ideas and I could not be more blessed with the experience Jeffery Campbell offered me. What they have created for their clients it more than a shopping experience, it's a way to fuel inspiration world wide. 


I hope as I continue to draw, paint and expand my visions of creating art I will be able to share with my readers the same inspiration Chloe shared with me. 


Click here to shop Mitsu by Jeffery Campbell @ Capezio