Blue Boy


This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with Duncan Thorn, a creative photographer based out of Toronto. Lately I have been going for more of a relaxed chic style. I'm not sure if it's the cold but I'm seriously lacking some motivation. So I thought this was the perfect, pick me up look. Aside from the illuminating colour of this jacket, I love the old fashioned look it gives off. Funny enough, the model who show cased it with Lamania at the National Women's Show, Madeleine Fay Heaven, was at the shoot as well. We run into each other more than you'd think at work. It's definitely nice to see familiar faces that brighten up the mood and setting of a shoot. It's interesting to see how connections made through the Double Tee's adventure are beginning to show purpose.

*Be sure to check out some of her work on Facebook. 

Finding a shirt to go with a blazer is always fun, you have the ability to create so many different feels for whatever look you're going for. I love how all the colours tied together with this shirt, it created an edgy vibe and about 3 weeks after I bought it someone finally asked me what it said...


First off,  it gave me the pleasure of having to explain that I'm not a lesbian (not that it'd be bad or anything...)

and second... my unicorn brings all the girls to the yard.... oh hell no!

Lesson learned. Read your shirts before you buy them to avoid people questioning your sexuality...

But in all seriousness, I really did love the comfort chic feel to this look. Although I put this outfit together with a relaxed tee, you could always dress it up with a slim pair of trousers or a funky button down.


Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new pieces together. Some of your best outfits will come together with items you never expected to work. It was really my lip colour and shoes that completed this look for me. 

A little trick of mine is to try my shoes on before I decide if I like an outfit or not. Sometime you just need a little umph to get the style you're looking for.  


photography by Duncan Thorn

makeup by Cassie Bragg


Creativity is intelligence having fun, be smart with your pieces and shop well.

*take a look at how Lamania styled this jacket in Double Tee's Shopping Mania post.

Until next time,


Show Me Your True Colours

So, it's officially freezing out here in Toronto. I don't care how much colder it is elsewhere but I'm definitely not a fan of this weather. I shot this look a couple of weeks ago and couldn't see a better time to share it while temperatures keep dropping. 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these pieces. First off, those star pants.... yes, I get made fun of REPEATEDLY for wearing them and they are the comfiest freaking things I own. Plus I think they're super cool. I got them at Lamania for under $60.00 or something ridiculous like that. I wasn't about to pass them up. 


Aside from my crazy pants, this vest is one of my favourite pieces we own. And when I say we, I mean I couldn't be more thankful for having my mom's closet to share from. Mi Casa es Su Casa, right?

 This piece is actually an item from the boutique she works at. Located on Unionville Main St. I'm sure some of you have heard of Lou Lou's Boutique, a great place to find more of those one of a kind pieces. 

It was really the mixture between the wool inside the vest and the brown leather exterior that kept me stylish and comfortable.

THANK GOD FOR A NICE PIECE TO STAY WARM IN...... (serious issue of mine.)


I had a lot of fun putting this outfit together. Mixing and matching similar materials to give it a comfy / cozy look kept me happy all day.... And god bless these shoes... I'm usually a classic black boot girl and black was definitely not going to cut it for this outfit. They're comfy as hell but my favourite parts are the grips on the bottom....... It sounds crazy, right.

But I HATE that I can't wear half of my heels in the winter because of this issue... otherwise I'd be slipping and sliding all over the place. (Some of you might find that entertaining, me not so much)















Sweater: Sanctuary 

Vest: Lou Lou's 

Pants: Lamania

Boots: Ecco

Convenience is key when it comes to my type of styling. If I'm not comfy, its probably gonna be a fat no. 

So keep warm and be sure to check in with Double Tee's shirts on the way!


Until next time,


Fireplace Essentials

 Happy Holidays Boys,

You really didn't think I was going to forget all about Christmas, now did you?

Well it's better late than never and over here at Double Tee's, we do Christmas a little different. Being Jewish and all, (the most non-conventional of them, I must add.), I was always given the choice to celebrate if I wanted.  But c'mon, if you are going to compare a joyful old man who leaves presents under a tree to some dreidels. Prepare to loose quickly. I have always loved the idea of Christmas... decorating, giving gifts, seeing the genuine smiles of your loved ones. It's really something beautiful.

As I grew older, being an only child, I always wished I had a big family to come together with.. still not complaining about the attention I got from my mom.....  interesting family dynamics was just something I had the pleasure of being born into.


This time of year I would normally be in Florida, where most of my family is. Although I didn't have the ability to make it there this year, I couldn't be more happy to spend it with my mom or best friend, (which ever you'd like to call it), eating some nice ass Chinese food. God, this could be a Seinfeld episode....

Double Tee's would love to know what our readers are up too for the holidays and more importantly what are you wearing???


OK OK, now that I have bored you all with my mushy Christmas post, can we talk clothes?

I teamed up with Lamania on this holiday outfit.. the minute I walked into work one day I snatched up this Eiffel Tower sweater as soon as I could get my hands on it. The detailed beading, first of all had my jaw on the ground, but secondly, I go nuts for a little quilted Chanel look.


 I paired it with these great trousers, the radiating blue that comes off of them can brighten up any day. Hoping to bring some life back into the streets of Toronto, it was really the accessories that made this outfit. Other than almost freezing without them, I couldn't help but fall in love with the warm, cozy feel that came with these pieces. Nothing adds more of a 'euro-chic' feel like a little fur and glitter. 


photos by : Natasha Reddy

If you fell in love with these pieces as much as I did get your butts over to Lamania before they sell out. While receiving new accessories weekly, don't miss their Christmas Paris Collection. 

Click here to see Lamania's Christmas in Paris post.

Not having everything allows one to set standards on what their future holidays will look like.

Wishing you a very safe and happy holidays in which ever way you decide to spend them.

From your family at Double Tee's



Shopping Mania



Anyone else desperately looking for new places to shop? Or is that just me?

I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I am slowly growing into my own person or I simply can't justify spending a fortune on pieces all my friends will own in a week.... but seriously over the whole brand name, mall shopping ordeal. 

I am beyond excited to introduce to you guys Lamania. An Elegant yet chic boutique located in the fast paced streets of Toronto. Anna Jackowska , the owner wished to bring slice of European style to the Toronto Market.

 The quaint decor quickly resembles a Parisian boutique, carrying one of a kind pieces for the working woman, Anna found most of these unique brands while living in Europe.  

Carrying styles ranging from comfort to class, you are bound to find clothes for any occasion. 

When I first found Lamania, I couldn't shake myself of the name. Something about it reminded me nothing more of a 'shopping mania'.... What more would a girl want? I couldn't help but to check it out for myself. Since then Lamania has become home to my internship and one of  my favourite places to shop.


Saturday, November 8th, Lamania featured their pieces in the National Women's show, certainly stealing the Runway.

Models: Nikolina Granic, Madeleine Heaven, Quinn Bui, Trida Simone and Chloe Sugar were styled to perfection by the one and only Anna Jackowska. Take a sneak peak at what Lamania has in store for the festive holiday seasons.  



Lamania is excited to announce their upcoming part in a pre-holiday event 'Wrap Yourself in Style'. Be sure to enjoy a night of fabulous fashion and treats at the SIP WINE BAR. you won't want to miss Lamania's holiday style. 


November 18th - SIP WINE BAR


t's contest time at Lamania! Like their page on Facebook or follow and retweet any Twitter post's for your chance to win these beautiful gold plated earrings straight from England!

contest ends november 30th

Looking for new inspiration? be sure to visit  Lamania for a european styled shopping experience.  From service to quality you will be nothing but impressed.