Spring Closet Clean-Out

While April showers bring May flowers, it rains on us the time of cleaning.

And face it, you’re in total need of a closet clean out. 

The weather’s changing, your once tidy winter wardrobe is all over the place & things that shouldn’t be in your closet are.

You’re just waiting to re-orginize the hail storm that's built up in your closet but you don’t know where to start.

Fear no more, the time is here & we have all the tips you need to clean out your closet for good!

STEP ONE: Remove Everything



I know what you’re thinking, this already sounds bad… 

Just do it, take everything out, I promise this is the first step to changing your morning routine from hectic to pleasant in just a couple hours. 


STEP TWO: Specific Categories


Now your closet is completely empty and I mean clothes, shoes & all the other crap you had laying in there!

Begin separating your clothing into three different categories: keep, donate & store. This may be the hardest part of cleaning out your closet, but once it’s done the rest is smooth sailing.

 Anything with holes, stains or missing partners needs to go. Like now (unless you are 110% getting it fixed tomorrow) say goodbye. 

Grill yourself over each item, ask yourself questions like: 

Is this flattering? 

How often will I wear this? 

Do I love it?

Majority of these answers will be no but throwing away your favourite high school sweater can be a big step to take. So when you run into any issues, follow our easy to use “Should This Be In My Closet’ chart to reassure any of your doubts. 


STEP THREE: Limit Your Closet With Ready-To-Wear Items


Try to eliminate items that don’t need to be in your closet. 

  • Make separate spaces for out-of-season pieces
  • Fold heavy sweaters to avoid hanger dents
  • Give active-wear, intimates & pyjamas designated drawers or shelf space. 

Be cautious of putting ALL your winter wear out of sight, sometimes cute sweaters can make the perfect layering pieces on a chilly summer night. 

STEP FOUR: Clean the empty space

Take this opportunity to clean your closet from top to bottom. Wipe walls & shelves, dust everywhere, vacuum or mop the floors. Just because your closet's empty doesn't mean it's clean, things like dust, receipts, tags can build up. Be sure to keep your closet tidy & clean to put your clothes back into.  

STEP FIVE: Place like items together

Here comes the fun part, you've finally figured out what's going in your closet & now's the time to organize.

Put everything in your keep pile on hangers (this will make it easier to find your clothes at all times) & separate into sub-sections. The best way to organize your closet will be based off the unique way you think when getting dressed. Does you're mind go to colour, garment or occasion? 

  • Organize by garment - separate clothing in groups of pants, tops, sweaters, etc. Follow with colour coordination.
  • Organize by occasion - Separate your work clothes from your casual clothing so you can easily find what you're looking for in the morning
  • Organize by season - Keep off-season clothes in the back of your closet (or store away) with current seasons towards the front of your closet.

Still having issues? Not to worry! We at Double Tee's offer personal closet organization catering to any of your needs. For more info visit our contact page. 

Until Next Time,

 Double Tee's